¿Qué medidas se pueden tomar para minimizar el número de microorganismos presentes en los alimentos

Microorganisms are present in all foods, whether of animal or vegetable origin, fresh or processed. In most cases, these microorganisms are harmless to human health. However, some microorganisms can cause foodborne illness.

The best way to minimize the number of microorganisms present in food is through food safety practices. These practices include proper food handling, storage, and preparation.

Proper food handling includes washing hands and surfaces often, keeping raw and cooked foods separate, cooking foods to the proper temperature, and cooling and reheating foods properly.

Storage practices that help minimize the number of microorganisms present in food include refrigerating perishable foods, freezing meat and poultry, and storing dry goods in a cool, dry place.

Preparation practices that help reduce the number of microorganisms in food include avoiding cross contamination, using safe water and sanitary utensils, and washing fruits and vegetables.