¿Recomendarías cambiar la alimentación de los bovinos en función de las estaciones del añotecnico en produccion industrial de alimentos

In Spain, the industrial production of food is based on the bovine diet changing according to the seasons of the year. The objective of this study was to know the opinion of the different actors involved in the meat industry about the advisability of modifying the bovine diet according to the seasons from a technical and economic point of view. For this purpose, a total of 60 questionnaires were distributed, 30 to technicians and 30 to businessmen, in four provinces of Spain with a strong tradition in livestock farming: Zamora, León, Burgos and Salamanca.

The results obtained show that there is a general agreement among the majority of the respondents about the need to adapt the diet of cattle to the seasons from a technical point of view, since it is considered that it is a practice that optimizes production and favors animal health. However, this adaptation has an economic cost that not all companies are willing or able to assume. In fact, most of those consulted affirm that they do not make any type of change in the diet of their animals throughout the year, either because they consider that it is not necessary or because they cannot afford it.

The lack of knowledge about the importance of modifying the diet according to the seasons is one of the main obstacles to its implementation in livestock farms. In this sense, it would be necessary to raise awareness among farmers about the benefits of this practice both for production and for animal health.