¿Por qué es necesario el circuito alimentador

In Mexico, the electrical system is based on a 240-volt three-wire circuit. The third wire is known as the ground or earth wire. This wire provides a safe path for any stray current that may find its way into the electrical system. The ground wire also helps to protect against electrical shocks.

The main reason for having a circuit breaker is to protect the wiring in your home from overheating. Circuit breakers are designed to trip or shut off when they sense an overload of electricity. This prevents the wiring from overloading and starting a fire.

Another reason for having a circuit breaker is to protect your appliances from damage. When there is an overload of electricity, the circuit breaker will trip and shut off the power before the appliances can be damaged.

Lastly, having a circuit breaker can save your life in the event of an electrical fire. If there is an electrical fire in your home, the circuit breaker will shut off the power, preventing the fire from spreading.